In Fall of 2018 my mother had a brain hemorrhage. I take care of her full-time (when I’m not making content for you guys).

I LOVE talking about fitness and health, especially calisthenics. I really think it can help people. That’s why I haven’t released any “pay only” content.

2020, and probably the rest of the decade, will be a time period where I try to give and serve selflessly. I want to help without expecting anything in return.

However, I would like to take care of my mother better than I do now. Any donations will fund paying her medical bills and supplies.

If you can’t donate money, then my family and I would appreciate a prayer.

I love you guys either way.


Update: In April 2020, my mother passed away. It still doesn't feel real to me. Either way, my mother always encouraged me to create and give selflessly to others. My fitness content will always be in dedication to her memory. Any donations received for now will go towards her funeral costs.

Although I may create a fundraiser, soon I will sell merchandise and equipment so that I may offer something in return for those that wish to support the page. I can't thank everyone enough for helping my mom. You’re the absolute best.