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I post a lot of videos across social media. I understand some of them can be hard to find.

There are many video requests that I’ve already done and I want to make them easily accessible.

That’s why we’ve compiled this searchable index!

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DIY Parallettes:

Related: DIY, Parallettes, Life Hack, Gymnastics, Calisthenics.

The Problem with Setting Goals:

Related: Goals, Motivation.

Elbow Lever Tutorial:

Related: Elbow Lever, Challenge, Tutorial, Ninja, Balance, Strength.

Perfect Pushup Form:

Related: Form, Pushups, Perfection, Learn, Strength.

Learning Pullups:

Related: Pullups, Beginner, Workout, Tutorial, Gym Rings.

Strengthen Back without Pullups:

Related: Back, Strength, No Pullups, Pullup Bar, Home Workout.

Full Pushups Too Hard?:

Related: Pushups, Struggle, Workout, Variations.

Bodyweight Chest Exercises:

Related: Pushups, Bodyweight, Chest, Workout, Exercises.

Can't Sleep?:

Related: Sleep, Rest, Routine, Life Hack.

How to get ideas?:

Related: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Ideas, Thoughts, Solving.

One Punch Man Workout - Part 1:

Related: One Punch Man, Challenge, Calisthenics, Anime, Saitama.

One Punch Man Workout - Part 2:

Related: One Punch Man, Challenge, Calisthenics, Part 2, Anime, Saitama.

Tailbone hurts during Situps?:

Related: Tailbone, Pain, Situps, Home, Routine.

No Pullup Bar/Gym Rings? Part 2:

Related: Pullup Bar, Variations, Gym Rings, Home, Workout, Biceps, Back.

Back Pain during Situps:

Related: Lower Back, Pain, Situps, Core, Fix, Legs.

Behind-the-Back Pushups - Part 2:

Related: Behind Back, Pushups, Clapping, Progressives, Explosive, Power, Speed, Workout.

Behind-the-Back Pushups - Part 1:

Related: Behind Back, Pushups, Clapping, Explosive, Power, Speed, Workout.

How to Warm Up?:

Related: Warm Ups, Isometrics, Stretching, Routin, Calisthenics.

Negative Training, Eccentric Exercises:

Related: Negative, Calisthenics, Exercises, Workout, Pullups.

Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises:

Related: Deltoids, Bodyweight, Workout, Home, Shoulders, Calisthenics.

Uncle Iroh's prison workout - Part 2:

Related: Workout, Uncle Iroh, Prison, Calisthenics, Challenge, Part 2.

Uncle Iroh's prison workout - Part 1:

Related: Workout, Uncle Iroh, Prison, Calisthenics, Challenge.

Knee Pain on Leg Day?:

Related: Knees, Pain, Leg Day, Squats, Variations.

Do pullups hurt your hands?:

Related: Pullups, Pain, Relief, Pullup Bar, Variations, Blisters.

Fix your neck posture!:

Related: Posture, Neck, Pain, Stretch, Fix.

Hampton's Diet - Part 2:

Related: Diet, Cooking, Weight, Long-Term, Health.

Breathing should we breathe during exercise?:

Related: Breathing, Exercise, Control, Endurance

Hampton's Diet:

Related: Diet, Healthy, Weight, Food.

How to do a Clutch Flag?:

Related: Clutch Flag, Workout, Tutorial, Calisthenics, Chicken, Human Flag

Overcoming muscular imbalance:

Related: Balance, Calisthenics, Workout, Muscle.

Beginner Home Workout:

Related: Beginner, Routine, Home Workout, Fitness.

Hack to being Fit:

Related: Motivation, Lifehack, Fit.

Shoulder Pain?:

Related: Shoulders, Pain, Exercise.

Painful Squats?:

Related: Squats, Pain, Knees, Workout.

Smaller Waist in 2 mins:

Related: Waist, Abs, Flat Stomach, Quick tips.

Instantly More Pullups:

Related: Strength, Pullups, Isometrics, Instant, Pullup Bar.

What are sets?:

Related: Sets, Repetitions, Exercise, Pushups.

Can't do Situps?:

Related: Tutorial, Situps, Core, Routine, Legs, Exercises.

No Gym Rings/Pullup Bar? Part 1:

Related: Pullup Bar, DIY, Gym Rings, Affordable, Workout.

Wrist pain when doing pushups?:

Related: Wrists, Pain, , Pushups, Reduction.

Can't do pushups?:

Related: Pushups, Tutorial, How-to, Workout, Variations.

Can't do pullups?:

Related: Pullups, Tutorial, Gym Rings, How-to, Workout, Variations.

Posture Part 1 - Wall Slides:

Related: Posture, Flat, Fix, Mid-Back, Exercises.

Swinging during pushups?:

Related: Swinging, Pullups, Pullup Bar, Tips.

Ankle mobility:

Related: Ankles, Squats, Flexibility, Mobility, Exercises.

How to get Six-Pack Abs?:

Related: Definition, Abs, Six Pack, Core. Workout, Yoga Mat.

How to burn stomach fat?:

Related: Lose Fat, Stomach, Exercises, How-to, Burn Calories.

Dangerous Pullup Bars:

Related: Pullup Bars, Safe, Home Workout, Dangerous.

Isometric Bar-and-Chain DIY:

Related: Isometrics, DIY, Bar-and-Chain, Step-by-Step.

Is 1,200 Calories enough?:

Related: Calories, Diet, Burn Calories.

How to give good vibes?:

Related: Good Vibes, Positivity.

Hampton's Breakfast Diet:

Related: Breakfast, Diet, Cooking, Eggs, Food, Scambled Eggs.

Fitness Myth: Knees Behind Toes During Squats:

Related: Myths, Squats, Knees.

Pushups Fast or Slow?

Related: Speed, Pushups, Variations, Strength.

Fitness Motivation:

Related: Fitness, Motivation, Routine.

Lever Pushups:

Related: Lever Pushups, Variations, Chest, Workout, Advanced.

What is progessive calisthenics?

Related: Calisthenics, Pushups, Progressive, Strength, Explanation.

Handstand Pushups:

Related: Handstand, Pushups, Tutorial, Calisthenics, Strength.

Increasing Height:

Related: Height, Taller, Posture, Healthy, Stretching, Routine.

Isometric Routine:

Related: Daily, Isometrics, Pushups, Home Workout.

Weight Gain Diet:

Related: Weight Gain, Diet, Exercises, Calisthenics, Muscle, Fat.

Muscle Up Tutorial:

Related: Muscle, Explosive, Pullups, Variations, Tutorial, Calisthenics.

Reduced Sugar Diet:

Related: Sugar, Diet, Decrease, Healthy, Fitness.

Fat Rolls:

Related: Fat Rolls, Motivational, Fitness.

Vertical Jump Hack:

Related: Vertical Jump, Isometrics, Motion, Strength.

Fastest Way to get Strong?:

Related: Sports, Strength, Pushups, Pullups, Isometrics, Athletic.

Muscle Tone Myth:

Related: Myth, Misleading, Muscle Toning, Diet, Weights.

Two-Person Exercises:

Related: Partner, Workout, Exercises, Pushups, Workout.

Seated Exercises:

Related: Seated, Exercises, Stretch, Muscle, Workout.

Why do we need "Live Loads"?:

Related: Isometrics, Strenght, Weight, Resistance.

One Arm Pullup Tutorial:

Related: One Arm, Pullups, Advances, Tutorial, Variations.

Should you exercise when sick?

Related: Sick, Workout.

Eating for Weight Gain: Snacking:

Related: Diet, Weight Gain, Snacking, Eating.

Bodyweight Shrugs:

Related: Pushups, Shrug, Bodyweight, Hand Stand.

L-Hold Tutorial:

Related: Tutorial, Calisthenics, Variations, Strenght, L Hold.

Why do we need resistance?:

Related: Resitance, Strength, Isometrics, Muscle.

One-Arm Pushups Tutorial:

Related: Pushups, One Arm, Variations, Triceps, Exercises, Tutorial, Advanced.

Pistol Squats Tutorial:

Related: Squats, Pistol Squats, Variations, Tutorial, Exercises.

Learning Tai Chi:

Related: Tai Chi, Coordination, Breathing.

Learn Tai Chi Form 1: Begin Tai Chi:

Related: Tai Chi, Coordination, Breathing, Health, Martial Arts, Start.

Learn Tai Chi Form 2: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail:

Related: Tai Chi, Coordination, Breathing, Health, Martial Arts.

Learn Tai Chi Form 3: Parting the Wild Horse's Mane:

Related: Tai Chi, Coordination, Motions, Breathing, Health, Martial Arts, Chi.

Stretching Routine:

Related: Stretching, Routine, Workout, Yoga, Daily.

Intermittent Fasting Misconceptions:

Related: Misconceptions, Fasting, Weight, Muscle.

Pushup Mistakes Part 6:

Related: Pushups, Mistakes, One Arm, Strength, Chest.

Pain During Exercises?:

Related: Pain, Exercise, Joints, Health.

Does Size equal Strenght?:

Related: Lifting, Strength, Training, Muscle.

Why do we need weights to grow Muscle?:

Related: Science, Muscle Growth, Workout, Resistance.

Sample Leg Day:

Related: Routine, Leg Day, Calisthenics, Workout.

Different Pushups and their Purpose:

Related: Variations, Pushups, Strength.

Twisting Hanging Leg Raises:

Related: Obliques, Leg Raises, Training, Workout.

Cardio Exercise, Rollover:

Related: Cardio, Advanced, Core, Strength, Pullup.

Bicep Curls without weight:

Related: Isometrics, Biceps, Curls, Workout.

Grip Training:

Related: Grip, Strength, Forearm, Pullup Bar, Muscles.

How to do more pushups? :

Related: Isometrics, Pushups, Warmup, Calisthenics, Repetitions.

Advanced Calisthenics Routine:

Related: Advanced, Calisthenics, Variations, Home Workout, Exercises.

Runner Balance Training:

Related: Training, Balance, Running, Calisthenics.

Cardio Shoulders, Bear Crawl:

Related: Shoulders, Back, Stretch, Cardio, Calisthenics.

Are Calves "Genetics"?:

Related: Genetics, Calves, Leg Day, Calisthenics, Workout, Muscle.

Muscle Targeting, Calves:

Related: Calves, Legs, Calisthenics, Training, Workout, Variations.

Intermediate Calisthenics Routine:

Related: Intermediate, Calisthenics, Variations, Exercises, Workout, Full Body.

Beginner Calisthenics Routine:

Related: Beginner, Calisthenics, Training, Variations, Exercises, Full Body.

Reduce Shoulder Pain:

Related: Physical Therapy, Shoulders, Pain, Hanging, Calisthenics, Decompression.

Wim Hof's Breathing Method:

Related: Wim Hof Method, Breathing, Exercises, Mental Health, Endurance, Fitness.

Exercises you can do in Bed:

Related: Bed, Workout, Lazy Day, Calisthenics, Home, Quarantine.

Therapy Calisthenics, Deep Squat:

Related: Tight, Squat, Joint, Pain, Therapy.

Maximum Exertion:

Related: Isometrics, Calisthenics, Strength, Pushup, Leg Raises, Workout.

Muscle Targeting, Biceps:

Related: Biceps, Chinups, Variations, Fitness, Calisthenics, Curlups, Isometrics.

Scapular Winging:

Related: Scapular Winging, Shoulders, Calisthenics, Therapy, Mobility.

Time Management:

Related: Time Management, Quarantine, Exercise.

Posture Calisthenics Warmups Part 5:

Related: Posture, Warmup, Stretching, Mobility, Back Pain, Calisthenics.

Pushup Workout:

Related: Chest, Pushups, Advanced, Intermediate, Calisthenics, Variations, Workout, Weekly, Isometrics.

Knee, Ankle, Hip Pain Therapy:

Related: Physical Therapy, Knee, Ankle, Hip, Mabu, Horse Stance, Squats, Pain.

Wrist Pain Temporary Fix:

Related: Temporary, Fix, Pain, Pushups, Fitness, Knuckles.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Chest:

Related: Chest, Muscle, Training, Workout, Pushups, Gym Rings, Calisthenics.

Posture Calisthenics, Joints:

Related: Joints, Posture, Calisthenics, Neck.

Stretching Calisthenics, Twist Holds:

Related: Tight Muscles, Posture, Stretching, Calisthenics, Stiff, Pain.

Exercise Motivation:

Related: Motivation, Anger Management, Stress, Isometrics.

Posture Calisthenics, Lower Back:

Related: Posture, Calisthenics, Lower Back, Quarantine.

Posture Calisthenics, Neck:

Related: Posture, Calisthenics, Neck, Quarantine, Spine, Yoga.

When to Exercise?:

Related: Fitness, Calisthenics, Sleep, Resting, Schedule, Workout.

Posture Calisthenics, Mid-Back:

Related: Posture, Calisthenics, Mid-Back, Yoga, Spine, Workout.

Can Calisthenics build Muscles?

Related: Calisthenics, Question, Strength, Fitness, Diet.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Neck:

Related: Neck, Muscle, Training, Yoga, Wrestling, Routine.

Fitness Tip, Unilateral:

Related: Unilateral, Fitness, Tips, Pullups, Biceps, Isometrics.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Lower Back:

Related: Lower Back, Isometrics, Calisthenics, Yoga, Workout.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Legs:

Related: Legs, Squats, Quads, Calves, Calisthenics, Workout, Explosive.

Things YOU can learn in Quarantine, Hand Balancing:

Related: Hand Stand, Balancing, Strength, Yoga, Quarantine.

Things YOU can learn in Quarantine, Thread Jump:

Related: Thread Jump, Quarantine, Jumping, Challenge, Trick.

Things YOU can learn in Quarantine, Elbow Lever:

Related: Elbow Lever, Core, Strenght, Yoga, Progression, Clalisthenics.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Core:

Related: Abs, Obliques, Core, Calisthenics, Workout.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Shoulders:

Related: Shoulders, Deltoids, Calisthenics, Pushups, Muscle, Strength.

Calisthenics Muscle Targeting, Triceps:

Related: Triceps, Pushups, Calisthenics, Muscle, Strength.

Common Pushup Mistakes, Over-Analysis:

Related: Mistakes, Pushups, Fitness, Motivation, Triceps, Chest, Calisthenics.

Common Pushup Mistakes, Too Much Variety:

Related: Mistakes, Pushups, Fitness, Variety, Motivation, Calisthenics, Progression.

Common Pushup Mistakes, Sacrificing Form:

Related: Mistakes, Pushups, Form, Repetitions, Calisthenics.

Common Pushup Mistakes, Only One Kind of Pushup:

Related: Mistakes, Pushups, Form, Variations, Motivations, Calisthenics.

Common Pushup Mistakes, Diamond Pushups:

Related: Mistakes, Diamond Pushups, Fitness, Calisthenics, Strength, Joint Pain.

Common Pullup Mistakes, Joint Pain:

Related: Mistakes, Pullups, Fitness, Variations, Motivation, Joints, Pain, Calisthenics.

How to burn Belly, Arm or Cheek Fat:

Related: Fat Burn, Belly, Arms, Cheeks, Diet.

Getting Started: Rehab & Prehab

Start here if you’re new to calisthenics or you’re dealing with joint and muscle pain.

Closed Captions available.

Progressive Calisthenics?

How should I structure my routine?